‘When Your Dream Turns Into Your Worst Nightmare’

This is the terrifying true story of what happened when a male model’s dream of stardom turned into a living nightmare!

By day, Nadeem Ahmed strutted on the catwalks and sampled the luxurious Middle Eastern lifestyle but the predators were circling and it was not long before he was Doomed In Dubai!

Written from the heart, this book will take you on a shocking roller coaster ride with many unexpected twists and turns conveying a very powerful message which is, “What Breaks You Makes You”!

An essential read for anyone who has dreamed of living and working abroad.


The Real Guide To Becoming A Professional Model.

These days everyone wants to be in the limelight but not everyone has that je ne sais quoi to be successful and make a good healthy living from it.

Becoming a model is not an easy career to pursue at all, however if you have got a strong look, confidence, a positive attitude and a phenomenal amount of patience then you have already passed the half way mark.

It would be true to say that it has been quite a challenging ride, however I survived and succeeded!

If you want the full know how and first-hand knowledge of how it should be done, then this is definitely for you!

‘Strutt To Success’ will educate you from start to finish on how to have a healthy successful modelling career avoiding all fraudsters. The book is also an educational guide for anyone who has great interest in the fashion and modelling world. It truly is an eye opener as to what really happens behind the scenes.

Stick to my golden rules and there will be no looking back!