Beautiful Dreams

Sublime Sounds For the Soul

Being a massive fan of Buddha Bar, Cafe Del Mar and any type of chillout sound, it’s safe to say any music ever to be produced by myself would take a turn in this direction.
Being a model has had a great influence in the beat of my music as it is what I call ‘walkable’ meaning you can strutt to it wildly on any catwalk!:-)

Chillout and lounge tunes are a great form of escapism. It transports you to a world of natural high spirits, feelgood vibes and amazingness! It injects posititivity and takes away daily stress’s hence why I called it ‘Beautiful Dreams’.

‘Bliss’ is the head single officially releasing on 23rd May 2020 (pre order 1st May) with the album releasing ofiicially worldwide on 26th June 2020 (pre order 1st June) online on all major stores including Itunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Google/Youtube, Tik Tok, Deezer and many more.

Enjoy this art that I have created.
A collection of sublime sounds to soothe your soul.
May it give you endless feelings of joy and happiness:-))