"Nadeem - A Jack of All Trades. Author, Model, Presenter, Actor, Cook and So Much More......A Talented Individual!!! A Genius of All Talents!!! Doomed In Dubai - A Spectacular Read, True Life Experience By Nadeem Ahmed. His Honesty and Courage Will Leave You Speechless!!! - Hats Off to Nadeem Ahmed For Sharing His Real-Life Experiences in A Country Like 'Dubai’!!! You Think That Is Perfect."
Aman Gill
Flight Management - London
"Nadeem is an amazingly kind and interesting young man who has travelled extensively. He soaks up the culture of wherever he visits and makes friends so easily because of his charming nature. His book covers an industry that is only briefly covered by international media. He illuminates trust issues in this novel when promises are made in another country, another culture, a great read that will open your eyes! Kay Ahern Health care Volunteer in foreign countries."
Kay Aherns
Retired USA
"This book needs to come with a mouth guard! It’s very gripping, the person on this adventure going through this ordeal - it can happen to anyone Its commendable that this story has been told... so many hold secrets due to society taboos! Well done Nadeem Ahmed as this happens and it needs to be told!"
Pam Bains
Chiropodist Stoke Poges
"Model, Writer and inspiration. Doomed in Dubai- a fantastic read which inspires us to follow our dreams but be aware of of what is out there. Simply brilliant."
Carol Manuel
Cabin Crew- Pagham
"Mr. Nadeem has amazing personality. He is a man of integrity. His recent Book ' DOOMED IN DUBAI' is based on hard realities which a model faced in Dubai. He poured all his pain through this book. The book is really worth reading."
Rashmi Gupta
Professor - India
“Nadeem Ahmed is an inspirational individual with real talent for Art and expression. Doomed in Dubai is a typical example of how Nadeem uses his positivity and expression to convey his story in the most magical way. Once you pick up that book, you will not put it down”.
Lisa Kapoor
Deputy Head Teacher - London
“Nadeem is genuinely a kind person and great fun to be with. This book is a real page turner. Can’t put it down!!”
Dr. Samra Iqbal
Dentist - London
"A very bubbly and warm creative person who has endless talents. This is clearly evident in his book- 'Doomed In Dubai' An amazing read! It was impossible to put down. A very educational and emotional book. Fantastic!"
Bina Pankhania
HR Executive - London
"Nadeem is a very vibrant person and full of positive energy. He is multi-talented and proved this by writing Doomed In Dubai! A book that will not allow you to put it down. All the twists and turns make you want more and more!"
Jas Teji
Cabin Crew - London
“Nadeem's charming personality and creative talents are very admirable. He never fails to deliver something new and innovative. Hi book- 'Doomed in Dubai' is a beautiful read. I felt that I was on the journey with him experiencing all the different emotions.”
Sandy Ghuman
Marketing Executive - London
"Nadeem is a very talented individual. His never-ending talents are most inspiring. His book 'Doomed in Dubai' is very well written and educates us of what can happen if we are not mindful of ourselves. I cannot wait for the film. Hope the wait isn’t too long! "
Bashir Ezmailzadah
Business Director - London
"Nadeem is a very fun-loving and outgoing person with such a positive outlook on life. Its hugely commendable that he had written such an intriguing book with such a positive and educational message!"
Joe Singha
Education Executive - London